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  • Application of the sub-surface engraving technique

    Our CNC-controlled laser machines create 2- or 3-dimensional structures inside of glass objects without damaging their surface. These "sub-surface engravings" suit ornamental designs inside of flat glass or glass objects, but also the industrial product branding. The appearance of a plane engraving is similar to a matted glass. Contrary to etching, sandblasting or grinding the sub-surface eingraving is impervious to soiling due to the undamaged surface.

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  • Lasertechnology

    This technology allows translucent materials, such as glass and plastic, to be engraved within their interior area by means of optical laser points. The outer surfaces remain undamaged during the engraving process. The optical laser engraving is contained within the object and consequently, is protected against all outside influences. This technique enables visualization and creation of both two- and three-dimensional designs within the object.

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  • Book us for your event

    No matter what kind of event, we come over to you with our scanner and our mobil laser machine and perform the scanning and engraving of your audience at your place.

    Additionally we gladly engrave your logo or another text of your choice: Your customers receive an unforgettable media.

    Our mobil laser machine is equipped with a vision panel, which allows you to watch the engraving process. Altogether it is a spectacular event at your place.

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2D and 3D sub-surface engraving in Glass



Crystal Glass Globes

Pen Holder

Crystal Glass pen holder


Keychains with Crystal Glass base


Crystal Glass Obelisks

Letter Opener

Crystal Glass Letter Opener

Corner Cut

Crystal Glass Corner Cut Cube

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