• Further possible applications:
    • giveaways at trade fairs
    • individual gifts for your customers
    • 3-dimensional product presentations
    • furniture fronts
    • vision panels
    • tabletops
    • glass partitions
    • signs
    • cups
    • ornamental glasses for the furniture and lighting industry
    • product branding and verification
  • Flat Glass

    Within the scope of flat glass we mainly use decolorized float glass from different manufacturers. Starphire, Optiwhite, Extra-weiss, Diamant but also special glasses like for example B270, Tikana and Borofloat from Schott-Desag. Inside these white glasses the visibility of the laser points is particularly distinct and brilliant. Common float glass is also suitable for the sub-surface engraving technique, although the points appear weaker and slightly greenish caused by the high amount of ferrous oxide.

    Furthermore it is possible to engrave laminated glass.

  • Mirror Glass

    Coated float glass can be engraved under certain conditions. The scattered radiation of the laser beam may damage the silver oxide coating, if it is applied too close. We recommend a minimum thickness of 5 mm. Please request your specific demand.

    Also mirror glass receives the best results by using white glass. We have 6 mm Optiwhite mirror glass instock.

  • Safety Glass

    It is possible to engrave safety glass under certain conditions. Unfortunately the flexural strength is reduced after the engraving process, so it is no longer safety glass in terms of DIN or EN. Only thin layers can be engraved in the threshold between the tensile stress zone and the compressive stress zone. A 3-dimensional structure is not realizable. Tempering the glass  thermally afterwards involves the danger of glass breakage while the glass is heated or cooled down. Further problems, like a spontaneous breakage (similar to nickel-sulfide inclusions), can occur. For that reason we decline requests for safety glass!

    In many cases safety glass can be substituted by laminated safety glass. Alternatively we are able to engrave the surface of safety glass with our Co2 laser systems...

  • Technical Application

    Our Nd-Yag laser machines are able to cut, grind and mill glass under certain conditions. Mostly the conventional machining techniques are less expensive.

    In some cases the sub-surface engraving is still advantageous:

    • boreholes smaller than 3 mm (minimum 0,5 mm)
    • precisely placed boreholes
    • exact bore diameters
    • boreholes up to 120 mm glass thickness
    • shaped boreholes (elliptical, rectangular, etc.)
    • splitting glass tubes lengthwise
  • Acrylic Glass

    Acrylic glass (PMMA) can be sub-surface engraved with certain restrictions. The appearance of the scattering plot coarser in comparison to glass. Although PMMA is actually white, the points seem to be greyish (carbon oxidation).

    Our Co2 laser machines are able to cut acrylic glass and to engrave its surface. Please contact us for an individual support.

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